Creation value with Co-star, Gyorffy, Friedman, 2012

There is a special kind of magic when it comes to innovation: Innovators develop breakthrough solutions that are often surprising and deliver hope for a better future. They create the next generation of products and services; they fix processes that are broken; they find resources where others languish; they open new markets and sometimes give birth to entirely new industries. While it may appear that innovation success is simply based on creative new ideas, this how-to guide shows that there is an underlying discipline for turning raw ideas into powerful value propositions—a discipline that anyone can learn, from individuals to entire companies and innovation networks. This handbook introduces CO-STAR, an innovation tool and set of practices that can help you: – Identify significant new opportunities to create compelling customer value – Capture the essence of your idea and communicate it quickly and clearly to others – Collaborate with others to build collective expertise and intelligence into your solution Entrepreneurs, innovators, and funders alike can use CO-STAR to build and successfully pitch value propositions that are smart enough to launch market-worthy new ventures, and strong enough to make a difference.

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