Design Driven Innovation, Roberto Verganti, 2009

How to create innovations that customers do not expect, but that they eventually love? How to create products and services, that are so distinct from those that dominate the market and so inevitable that make people passionate?

Design-Driven Innovation unveils how leaders such as Apple, Nintendo, Alessi, Whole Foods Market build an unbeatable and sustainable competitive advantage through innovations that do not come from the market but that create new markets. These leaders compete through products and services that have a radical new meaning: those that convey a completely new reason for customers to buy them. The cases, data and stories in the book show how to create this new vision and how to successfully propose it to customers. A strategy and a process that leverage the rich and multifaceted network of a firm outsiders, looking beyond customers to those “interpreters”– such as scientists, customers, suppliers, intermediaries, designers, artists – who deeply understand and shape the markets they work in.

“Market? What market!
We do not look at market needs.
We make proposals to people …”

Ernesto Gismondi
Chairman, Artemide

Harvard Business Press, 2009

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