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Study 003 London – Final results

On the final day of the project each group presented their edited videos, together with a plan for a video installation to be hosted at Chelsea College in January 2011.

Study 003 London – Project Blogs

All the groups are keeping notes on the progress of their project on a blog. See the links below.

Researchers & collaborators

The research programme of Belonging & Belongings was conceived by three scholars from different backgrounds. Dr. Geke van Dijk, Strategy Director at STBY London/Amsterdam. Specialised in cultural studies and multi-channel social research. PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (Open University, Milton Keynes 2007). Dr. Daijiro Mizuno, Lecturer and Researcher at Critical Design Lab in Kyoto. Specialised in […]

Study 003 Kyoto

The most recent study in the Belonging & Belongings research programme focusses on using video to explore and communicate people’s socio-techno styles, in combination with interview material from the BBC Digital Revolution rushes, made available under a special licence. The mash up of voice overs from experts on social uses of technology and the creation […]

Study 002 – Kyoto and London

In the second study home visits with interviews and visual documentation were made. This study was conducted with students from the Kyoto University of Art and Design, and from Chelsea College of Art and Design. Personal statements about expressing ones identity online and offline, and visually illustrated maps of their personal belongings were collected and […]

Study 001 – London, Amsterdam and Tokyo

The first study in this long term research programme focussed on observing and identifying socio-techno styles at ‘urban catwalks’. By critically analysing the ways people carry and use mobile technology combined with the way they dress and carry accessories, clusters with similar socio-techno styles could be identified.

Collaboration with Chelsea College of Art and Design

From October to December 2009 we worked with students from the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. In this project we took the research to a next level, building on the previous pilot studies. We now wanted to focus a bit more on the motivations of people behind their online and offline presentations. […]

Techno-social styles

As a theoretical framework for the research we focus on ‘techno-social styles’. By doing this, we position ourselves in the triangle between social studies, style studies and technology studies, as expressed in the diagramme with references to relevant literature below. We’ve roughly labeled the books, papers and projects mentioned in this part of the blog […]

Pilot study in Kyoto (summer 2009)

To further explore the methodology for a more in-depth study with a small group of participants, we did a pilot study in Kyoto. Based on the collected data we compiled a book with photos, answers to a questionnaire and data visualisations.

Observations at Climate Camp G20, London (spring 2009)

At the Climate Camp on Bishopsgate in London during the G20, we shot some pictures of people using mobile devices in a surrounding of low-tech camping equipment with a backdrop of sky scrapers and financial head quarters. Great combination. Very timely urban display of multiple identities being part of everyday life. More photos on Flickr.