2010 Kyoto and London

Study 003

Study 003 Kyoto

Kyoto_study3The most recent study in the Belonging & Belongings research programme focusses on using video to explore and communicate people’s socio-techno styles, in combination with interview material from the BBC Digital Revolution rushes, made available under a special licence.
The mash up of voice overs from experts on social uses of technology and the creation of (online) identities with the video recordings from home visits in Kyoto triggered new considerations on socio-techno styles. In addition to multiplicity and particularity, the importance of empathic communication for constructing ones identities, and the vulnerability of this process emerged as recurring themes.

In line with the overall research programme, this study explored the interrelationship between technology, society and sartorial appearances. It investigated the interplay between virtual and physical identities, as well as the relationship between identity and possessions.
The resulting films are shown as an installation with the aim to explore how video can be used to provoke considerations and discussion on findings resulting from ethnographic research. You can watch the films on Vimeo too:

Toshiyuki & John Batelle

Kentaro & Dana Boyd

Kazuhumi & Kevin Kelly

Takuro & Tim Berners Lee


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