2008 London, Amsterdam, Tokyo

Study 001

Study 001 – London, Amsterdam and Tokyo

bbbook001_collage11The first study in this long term research programme focussed on observing and identifying socio-techno styles at ‘urban catwalks’.

By critically analysing …

Observations at Climate Camp G20, London (spring 2009)

g20campAt the Climate Camp on Bishopsgate in London during the G20, we shot some pictures of people using mobile devices in …

Book and analysis of preliminary observations (winter 2008)

bbbook1To consolidate the collection of visual observations throughout 2008, we compiled a book with colour prints of the materials collected so far….

Observations throughout London (summer 2008)


To continue our explorations of the ‘urban catwalk’ we collected visual material in various areas of London (photos and video).

We went …

Observations in Akihabara, Tokyo (spring 2008)

zebra3To further explore ways to document people using portable technology on the ‘urban catwalk’, we experimented with making series of panoramic …

Observations in Ginza, Tokyo (winter 2007)

stby-bb-tyo-01As a first exploration into how to collect visual material on styles/appearances in public space, we experimented with taking pictures of …