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Researchers & collaborators

researchers_smallThe research programme of Belonging & Belongings was conceived by three scholars from different backgrounds.

Dr. Geke van Dijk, Strategy Director at STBY London/Amsterdam. Specialised in cultural studies and multi-channel social research. PhD in Human-Computer Interaction (Open University, Milton Keynes 2007).

Dr. Daijiro Mizuno, Lecturer and Researcher at Critical Design Lab in Kyoto. Specialised in fashion design as a social object; Investigating how designers/wearers dress, behave and create their own multiple identities. PhD in Fashion Design (Royal College of Art, London 2008).

Dr. Bas Raijmakers – Creative Director at STBY London/Amsterdam and Reader at Design Academy Eindhoven (The Netherlands). Specialised in using documentary film as an analytical and practical means to conduct ethnographic research. PhD in Interaction Design (Royal College of Art, London 2007).

The inclusion of such mixed disciplines provokes new approaches to the ways we can understand the complexity of people’s identity in contemporary culture.


Kyoto fieldwork, publication and video: Naoto Kobayashi

London fieldwork and publication: Anniken Gjelseth, Jenny Lam, Malia Baker, Melanie Baerlocher, Wing Hong Wong, Frank Cartledge

Video interviews: BBC Digital Revolution, used under the BBC Digital Revolution Licence (

Brochure: Kentaro Nakamura, Toshiyuki Nakaie

B&B book in collaboration with Hanae Shimizu and Samantha Miller

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