2010 Kyoto and London

Study 003

Study 003 London – Project Blogs

All the groups are keeping notes on the progress of their project on a blog. See the links below.

Group 1 (Azza, Ji, Ines, Koanna, Zijiang, Dhruti) – http://group1magdc2010.blogspot.com/

Group 2 (Masafumi, Jieun, Xiao Lei, Julie, Dimitra) –  http://www.tsui-tsui.com/Chelsea2010/ON_OFF/

Group 3 (Mina, William, Miriam, Joe, Ying Ji) – http://myinternetpersona.tumblr.com/

Group 4 (Emma Katherine, Nikoletta, Yu Syuan, Zimu, Camille, Stella) – http://webelongbelonging.blogspot.com/

Group 5 (Jon Andres, Alexis Dominik, Chih-Hsiong, Elisa Fabia, Yeung Lai Ho, Anna) – http://www.5upergroup.blogspot.com/

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