Outline of our approach to the case studies and the expected outcomes



whatsinthebagAs this research project is a work in progress, the methodology is evolving over time.

Our current lines of thought about it are:

Data collection in both London and Kyoto

1. In-depth study with small sample of participants

– Preliminary interviews (to elicit general profile and introduce diary – notes, photos, video)

– Diary/probe study  (self-documentation by participants, based on format prepared by us – notes, photos, video)

– In-depth follow-up interviews (to elicit detailed reflections on motivations and opinions – notes, photos, video)

2. Reference study with wider sample of participants

– Questionnaire (to collect broader base of general, more quantitative data – notes, photos)

– Observations in public spaces (photos and video)

Data analysis

– Content analysis of qualitative data from in-depth study (categorise and cluster data; identify and explain emerging patterns)

– Visualisation of quantitative data from wider study (generate diagrams and info-graphics).


The visual material generated throughout the project will mostly addres the WHAT and HOW.

The written material generated during the data analysis and literature study will mostly address the WHY.

Possible outputs we expect:

– A series of magazines reporting on the results from various stages in the research

– Exhibition of visual materials accompanied by short texts

– Book containing an overview both visual materials and essays

– Papers for conference and/or academic journal

– Website/blog as archive of research process

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