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Smart Mobs (Howard Rheingold)

Description of ‘smart mobs’, using mobile communication, as an emergence of a new techo-cultural shift.

Main thesis:
Smart mobs represent a fundamentally new form of social connectivity, where the virtual and the physical words meet, and where people communicate across space and time to engage in collective action on a scale never before achieved. A social revolution, signifying how technology bends society.
A wide spectrum of implications  are stemming from these developments, such as the evolution of membership and reputation systems, evolving pressure from media cartels and government agencies to control use and access, and potential threats to privacy and security.
The real impact of mobile communications does not come from the technology itself but from how people use it, resist it, adapt to it, and ultimately transform themselves, their communities, and their institutions. Mobile technologies enhance and create new bonds between human beings.

Book that describes personal observations and reflections, based on travels around the world and talking to lots of people. Fairly journalistic.

Theoretical framework:
Rheingold applies insights from sociology, artificial inteligence, economics, and anthropology. He also refers to pop culture, cutting-edge technology and social activism.

Ongoing blog:

Mostly relevant to B&B because of its way of looking at techno-social developments. New technologies do trigger social changes, but not in a deterministic way. It’s way more complicated (and interesting) than that.

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