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Egmont Innovation Bootcamp

Egmond Boot Camp 2008

During a three-day workshop in Copenhagen for Egmont Publishers, we advised and trained 30 of their international Innovation Managers on how to use consumer research as input for their service innovation process. Each Idea Manager is responsible for the innovation process in one of the country companies (from Lithuania to Turkey, and from the Sweden to China) where Egmont …

Elsevier Open Innovation


For the international academic publisher Elsevier we conducted a lead user research among academic researchers and organised a series of innovation workshops.

The lead user research in both the United Kingdom and The Netherlands generated insights into unmet needs and potential areas for service innovation. These insights were further explored in co-creative workshops, and modelled into early prototypes for potential new services.

During both …

Creating Competitive Edge for The Work Foundation

work-foundation“We are extremely fortunate to have Laszlo and his colleagues come to London. For individuals and organisations’ looking to stay ahead of the game, these workshops are a must.’’ Will Hutton, CEO The Work Foundation

In collaboration with Will Hutton, CEO of The Work Foundation, EDG has provided a series of innovation workshops to inspire and skill the creative sector …


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bbc-4-1“Creativity is the lifeblood of the BBC. Herman has worked with individuals and groups across the BBC to help them discover new ways of being creåative.  He has also played a critical role in fostering a conversation amongst senior leaders about innovation in the digital age that has subsequently underpinned our strategy and its delivery” …

Anna and Andi, DJ, and Syndi

Today, it is impossible for a media company to succeed without understanding emerging digital technologies and the consumers who use them. By understanding the digital customer mindsets, media companies can take some of the mystery out of consumer motivation. Ana, Andi, DJ, & Syndi help explain why the modern media consumer is no longer happy with one-way content and can point the way to what is coming tomorrow.

The Four Digital …