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Egmont Innovation Bootcamp

Egmond Boot Camp 2008

During a three-day workshop in Copenhagen for Egmont Publishers, we advised and trained 30 of their international Innovation Managers on how to use consumer research as input for their service innovation process. Each Idea Manager is responsible for the innovation process in one of the country companies (from Lithuania to Turkey, and from the Sweden to China) where Egmont operates.

“The GIG wowed me with their understanding of what we were trying to achieve at Egmont. They were a terrific bunch to work with and have helped us start to put the consumer at the heart of our innovation process and everyday business.” (Dawn Cordy, Innovation Resource Director, Egmont International)

The Global Innovation Group hosted a dynamic three day workshop programme that offered hands-on experience with consumer research and idea generation for innovative services. We worked to a dynamic schedule that enmeshed theoretical insight and application through practical and real-life exercises. Instead of a block delivery, we followed a flow-based approach. This spoke both to the managerial roles of participants as well as their needs of a lived experience of innovating.

We strongly believe in the power of moving as far through the innovation process as possible within the course of a training session and we took participants from customer Insight to COSTAR in a day.

The Innovation Bootcamp was commissioned by the Innovation Board of Egmont publishers.

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