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Anna and Andi, DJ, and Syndi

Today, it is impossible for a media company to succeed without understanding emerging digital technologies and the consumers who use them. By understanding the digital customer mindsets, media companies can take some of the mystery out of consumer motivation. Ana, Andi, DJ, & Syndi help explain why the modern media consumer is no longer happy with one-way content and can point the way to what is coming tomorrow.

The Four Digital Customers
As we studied customers in the emerging digital era, we identified four major mindsets that we will call the “Four Digital Customers” Issues arise when the content providers stop at just satisfying customer Anna, while ignoring the other three emerging digital customers. But there are times when we want to sit back and be entertained. There are times when we want to be playful or interactive. And there are also times we want to express ourselves creatively and when we want to feel part of a community.

AnaAnna, the Analog
Ana is passive-reflective and is happy to plop down in front of a television and simply be entertained, no involvement necessary. Television, movies, radio, books, newspapers, magazines, live performing arts events, and even plenty of online material satisfy this customer. Ana prefers high quality content that is nurturing, that allows her to remain comfortably receptive and that enriches her.

AndiAndi, the Analog-Digital
Andi is playful and interactive. He likes to engage with content created by others, to play, to comment and recommend, rate and rank, mix and match, to add a personal touch and point of view to existing content. Andi is looking for a cool interactive experience.

DJD.J., the Digital
D.J. is looking to be empowered by a product or service so that he can create more effectively, share knowledge, and have an impact on the world. It is this desire for creative expression, coupled with exposure, that drives D.J. While ten years ago it was nearly impossible to connect directly to an audience, now it takes mere seconds for anything to be available worldwide. Blogs, YouTube, KyteTV, iTunes, Flikr, podcasting have made it possible for every consumer to not only generate original thought, but also have it seen or heard.

SyndiSyndi, the Synthesizing and Community-Builder
Syndi is focused on others. Syndi wants to be a part of a community; to belong to a social network.  He or she likes to connect with others to dialogue and co-create.  Syndi is all about synergy, about bringing people together to create something none of them could create alone. Syndi can be a participant in virtual groups or establish personal networks through platforms like MySpace and Facebook as well.

Ana, Andi, DJ, & Syndi help explain why the modern media consumer is no longer happy with just passive-reflective, one-way content. With the exponential growth of digital technology, it is possible for the media to reach all four of the customers — and that is what the people want. Basic human behavior isn’t changing, but the way that consumers can act on their desires is.

What we see today is only the beginning, but Ana, Andi, D.J. and Syndi can point the way to what is coming tomorrow.

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