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Tips to Cities about Cycling

RELEVANT: How important having a proper and well defined bicycle lane network is, and some proposals.

Key Quotes:

“1. Recreational paths are fine and have a valuable purpose, but should not be confused with the importance of having a network of routes usable for day to day activities,”

“2. The network of routes or links need not be lengthy”

“3. Chevrons seem to be important.”

“4. There were more painted features. Cycling boxes are a painted square on the lane ahead of the vehicle stop line…”

“5. Signage: the only Montreal cycling route sign shown was a 3D silouette of a cyclist mounted atop a pole”

“6. Bi-directional paths”

“7. Bike route types”

“8. ..different types of infrastructure choices for different clientelles and functions.”



A well attended meeting was held recently in Ottawa to hear, Suzanne Lareau,  the head of  Vélo Québec, a well organized advocate for cycling in Montreal for over 40 years. One of the most signficant developments in that city is the free bike scheme,Bixi- Montreal, which offers close to 4,000 bikes from a network of lots in the urban core.  A smaller pilot using Bixis (which are made in Canada to withstand the rigours of Canadian winters) was launched earlier this year in the National Capital Area described at this site  IT’S FULL SPEED AHEAD FOR BIKE SHARE TRIAL RUN(National Capital Commission).

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