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Bike Share and Helmets, don’t mix?

RELEVANT: Different point of views about wearing a helmet     This is a short version of a movie previously posted, called; Bike Share, Bixis for Melbourne. It explores the impediment to bike share schemes, that Australia’s compulsory helmet laws, create. More on the blog. And So To Bike. http://datillo.wordpress.com/  

Cycling – The good oil

RELEVANT: Examples of how to improve the roads towards the cyclist and its safety: Priority for cyclist over cars Double bike lanes Lights coming green before cars lights, for a better flow of the traffic Safe cycling infrastructure Make the cycling the fastest mean of transport, by adapting the infrastructure Distribution of the road space […]


Streetfilms produces short films that show how smart transportation design and policy can result in better places to live, work and play. We package complicated and wonky concepts into easy to understand and accessible videos which are freely available online.  Our nearly 350 videos have been viewed over 3.5 million times and have inspired action […]

The Case for Separated Bike Lanes in NYC

The Case for Separated Bike Lanes in NYC – excellent look at the benefits of giving cyclists some protection when cyclists, pedestrians  and motorists share the road – keeping cyclists safe with segregated lanes and making bikes widely available at low cost – the Bixis in Montreal or the Velibs in Paris – are the […]

Cycling Safety Tips: Heavy Vehicles & Cyclists

RELEVANT: Sharing the road with larger vehicles in particular requires awareness, skills and strategies. Cycling safety Tips: Heavy vehicles & cyclist Wondering what the big vehicles will do next, and act accordingly, never be sure that somebody has seen you Ride predictably, positioning on heavy vehicles left, in order for the driver to see you. If you […]

Vancity BikeShare Experiment

This video explains how the whole Vancity ChangeEverything.ca Bikeshare Experiment got started. As the program is coming to an end we’d like to hear from people who were involved so that we can get a fuller picture of how the experiment turned out. We’d also like to hear from anyone who has any thoughts on […]

Dude, where’s my bike lane?

The case of a disappearing bike lane in San Francisco.    

Copenhagen: City of Cyclists

Copenhagen: City of Cyclists, Part 1 of 5: Our very first episode of A Billion Bikes, takes us to the Danish city of Copenhagen, which has one of the most advanced urban bicycling communities in the world. A full third of their city workforce commutes by bicycle! This is an excellent 5-part program of weekly […]

Copenhagen bike city

In Denmark practically everybody rides a bike, and in 2008 bicycle-friendly Copenhagen was named the world’s first Bike City by the International Cycling Union, UCI. So while in Copenhagen, why not get around the Danish way? Read more at http://www.visitcopenhagen.com/bikes  

3 Way Street

By summer 2010, the expansion of bike lanes in NYC exposed a clash of long-standing bad habits — such as pedestrians jaywalking, cyclists running red lights, and motorists plowing through crosswalks. By focusing on one intersection as a case study, my video aims to show our interconnection and shared role in improving the safety and […]

Bike Lane Protest Video

Casey Neistat is using YouTube to protest being issued a traffic ticket for not riding his bicycle in a Manhattan bike lane. In a video, he plows his bike into various obstacles in bike lanes. (June 10)   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zz1WEhHOXe4 (Explanation)

Bicycle Rush Hour Utrecht

Morning rush hour in the 4th largest city in the Netherlands. Streets look like this when 33% of ALL trips are made by bicycle!