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Cycling Safety Tips: Heavy Vehicles & Cyclists

RELEVANT: Sharing the road with larger vehicles in particular requires awareness, skills and strategies.

Cycling safety Tips: Heavy vehicles & cyclist

Wondering what the big vehicles will do next, and act accordingly, never be sure that somebody has seen you

Ride predictably, positioning on heavy vehicles left, in order for the driver to see you.

If you can’t see the truck driver on the mirror, he can’t see you.

Establish visual contact

Increasing the distance with heavy vehicles when rains, because of the splashes, which can decrease your visibility.

Move to left, if possible, when a truck is overtaking you.


Our roads are increasingly busy and bicycle riders have to share the road with cars, trucks, buses and trams. Sharing the road with larger vehicles in particular requires awareness, skills and strategies.

This video clip has been developed by the Cycling Promotion Fund and the Amy Gillett Foundation with the support from TAC community road safety grant.


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