Fieldwork is a collaboration with the participant




I’m Izaskun, an intern at the design research agency STBY ( The work we do focuses on uncovering insights from people’s everyday lives, and I’m now trying to start an internal project looking at bicycle safety. I’d like to focus on the Barclays Hire scheme, and how people go about ensuring their safety when using these bikes. I’d really like to find some users of the service who’d be happy to give me their perspectives – nothing too formal, I’d just like to meet a few people at a cycle dock then film their thoughts on what works and what doesn’t from a safety point of view. Ideally, I’d like to speak to people on either Monday or Tuesday next week. It won’t take up much of your time, and hopefully should be quite fun to take part in!

Anybody interested in taking part please just drop me a line at

Thanks for your time!

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