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London’s Cycle Superhighways

RELEVANT: London’s Bike lanes’s system is not very complete by the moment, even the objective of the what has been done by now, is nice.



One key way of reducing vehicle emissions comes from shifting the choice for commuting from cars to bikes. This has been encouraged in cities such as Paris, New York, Montreal, Ottawa and other cities with making hundreds of bikes available through bike sharing programs with names such as Bixi, Velib etc as highlighted inVelib Public Bicycles in Paris (Pollution Free Cities, July 23, 2009)

However that often comes with a risk to cyclists’ safety, particularly in cities with heavy traffic, unless segregated bike lanes are in place along the preferred routes commuting and there are safe ways of crossing intersections as described in

Segregated Bike Lanes (Pollution Free Cities, Oct. 12, 2009)’s-cycle-superhighways/

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