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Do you feel safe in protected bicycle lanes?

RELEVANT: People feeling “trapped” in protected bike lanes, and even it’s a measure for cyclists safety, some cyclist don’t feel totaly comfortable using them.

“To me, the type of bike lane, whether protected, painted with a buffer, or simply marked with a line, is less important than eventual interconnectivity of the growing network. When the lanes form a coherent grid that truly serves people’s patterns of commuting, shopping, taking children to school, and so on, then cycling will genuinely be interwoven into the fabric of the city’s transportation system.”


In a  turnabout from motorists’ and pedestrians’ grumping about bicycle lanes in New York City, some cyclists who ride here regularly — the “hard-cores” — expressed to the Wall Street Journallast weekend disdain for a particular class of lanes: Those known as “protected” lanes or cycle-tracks.

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