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Creative director of STBY

Belonging & Belongings Book Arrival

This summer, we’ve been working to complete a final book that compiles our research activities and materials from the Belonging & Belongings research programme, from 2007 to 2011. The book is rich in imagery, reflecting our visual research approach, and includes photographs, magazines, and film stills from the various studies we carried out in both Japan and the United Kingdom.

Study 003 London – Project Brief

How do people express their multiple, online and offline identities through their physical and virtual belongings (e.g fashion and communication technologies)? Each study in the B&B research programme addressed a specific sub-question within this overall area of interest.

Make magazine

Make magazine celebrates the right to hack any technology and aims to make this more accessible to larger audience. It is the expression of a certain techno style.

Observations in Ginza, Tokyo (winter 2007)

As a first exploration into how to collect visual material on styles/appearances in public space, we experimented with taking pictures of people crossing the streets in Ginza, Tokyo.

Future Perfect (Jan Chipchase)

A blog that uses photography as a starting point to reflect on everyday technology use by a design researcher who works for Nokia since many years, mainly in the Far East. Topic: Everyday life use of technology with a focus on mobile communications. Lots of attention for social aspects, but always in a specific cultural […]

Re-Magazine (Jop van Bennekom)

Four magazines about one (fictional) person each based on several people. Balance between text (fake interviews, essays) and photos (documentary style fashion-inspired shoots).

Thoughtless acts (IDEO)

A visual documentation of actions we do not think about but are nevertheless deeply ingrained in our behaviours, for instance grabbing something for balance, warm your hands on a cup of tea, hang a jacket to claim a chair.

Research project

How do people present themselves online and offline, and is there a connection between the two? Belonging & Belongings is research project with a multi-disciplinary approach. It explores how people express their multiple identities using fashion and communication technologies. What makes people feel they belong to a certain group of people, and how do their […]