..business renewal, innovation strategy and customer insights.


Innovation acceleration

The Global Innovation Group offers business innovation consultancy, process management and service design, tying together boardroom strategy to operational management and live services, harnessing business renewal, innovation strategy and customer insights.

We offer an integrated and complete cycle of strategic and creative explorations and concept development. We work closely together with the project team from the client side in an open and collaborative process.

Whilst innovation is seen as a route to competitive advantage, most people have not experienced the power of working with a clearly defined innovation process. Often, there is no clear indication or way to work up an idea into something that can actually go to market.

Building on the success of our long track record in delivering cutting edge innovation practices into organisations, the GIG brings together its most powerful practices and learnings into a series of highly interactive workshops that will transform the way you think about your business and your customers.

Our services are tailor-made to your innovation needs and your aims to be a leader in your market. Our consultants will analyse and allign your strategy to your leadership, and define and sharpen your innovation strategy, and draw out a organisational design that nurtures, embeds and sustains innovation.

Our process roots innovation in customer insight, taking you from a customer interview right through the magic of idea generation to the process of elaborating the insights for a business plan.

The techniques used will help you become more successful at achieving those breakthrough ideas that can be applied back into your organization.

By learning more about the innovation best practices from the GIG’s experience, you will be ready to make a difference to your own organization and help it change the game.

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