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The partners of GIG provide training to groups with as few as  12 people or as many a 100. Program content and length can be customized, too—from a one-day overview of innovation tools and techniques, a number of service design workshops, to an immersive week of innovation experiences, including expert speakers and field trips for a behind-the-scenes look.

The Innovation Advantage
The Innovation Advantage provides a highly interactive curriculum to set your
team on a disciplined path to value creation. Our expert facilitators guide you
through a discovery process that blends theory and practice as you apply
innovation strategies to your own projects—and to the reinvention of your business.

Download the Innovation Advantage Brochure PDF here.

Eduring Value
Enduring Value is an interactive workshop blending EDG’s innovation best practices with the Cradle to Cradle framework developed by William McDonough and Michael
Braungart to create the next industrial revolution. Through video-based case studies, expert insights, and team exercises, EDG and facilitators will educate and challenge participants to transform their thinking and innovate for the future. This workshop was developed in collaboration with MBDC and William McDonough + Partners Architecture and Community Design.

Download the Enduring Value Brochure PDF here.

Open Innovation workshops
Open innovation is an approach that welcomes the perspective of customers into the innovation process. The exchange of experiences with customers in open innovation workshops can be a very effective source of inspiration for your innovation team. In order to succeed, the interaction between the innovation team and the customers needs to be carefully guided.

Give us a call. We’ll work with you to design a program that’s tailor-made for your organization.

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