..to make films with people, not about people


Blogs of the student groups at ENSCI Les Ateliers

Each of the groups in the design documentaries workshop is keeping a blog to document the design research they are doing, in particular materials they have found and discussions about approach and findings. The films they shoot are not on there if there is a confidentiality issue with the participants. This depends on what has been agreed with participants.

Marie, Kristian, Elisa and Yaeka: http://parisfrompeople.blogspot.com/

Darren, Hugo, Sanam and Barbara: http://jalouz.blogspot.com/

Blandine, Udi, Ahjungand Youen: http://breakfastpeople.wordpress.com/

Alain-Franck, Lim and others http://surpriseofreality.wordpress.com/

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