..to make films with people, not about people


Day 1. Creative exploration in diverse disciplines.

Those few references do not specialy relate to design or to social research. They show different ways of  exploring a subject or a field by … 1. create sense / a deeper understanding of the problematic. 2. bring creativity, intuition, insights. 3. engage participation / co-creation process with people, users, habitants, stakeholders involved in the project.

1. Co-discovery can reveal a collective imagination.

“Le bruit du frigo” is a collective of architects, artists and urbanists based in Bordeaux. Most of their works  tackle social issues and involve citizens participation. Amongst their tools, the GIANT PICTURE process: ask the habitants to mimic a situation (“We want to do something with this road”). Then use it to create an inspiring photo-montage.

“Echelle Inconnue” (urbanisme/architecture collective) works on perception and appropriation of urban/peri-urban spaces. The project De(s) rives plays on the idea of exploration the banks of la Seine (les “rives”) by a few persons called “les arpenteurs”,  and the drifting experiment (la “dérive”).


See also Les Artpenteurs, Cabanon Vertical, Exyst, Didattica and Wagon Landscaping (french collective).

“Grrr” is design agency based in Nantes. Recently, a project about “subjective maps”. One with kids, using map drawing as a discovery process to identify how they perceive the city around them (places, actions, ways to go to some place, unknown spaces…). One with artists from Nantes / Berlin, asking participants to imagine the plan of a city where they don’t live.

2. Set up a “protocole of research”… something done in a systematic way to create sense or intuition.

Coloco (architects): a project about “skelettons” (partly unfinished or destroyed buildings) how to explore this phenomenon that caracterizes big cities all around the world. The “observatory of skelettons” was set in three cities, leading to a comparative exploration both on very local phenomenons (squatting…) and on the general potential of those huge structures.

The Interview Project, David Lynch: meet people on a road trip, randomly, make a very quick interview, about general / existential topics… through systematic camera angles. Edit. Put on a map.

JR. This French artist works with black and white photography, printed in huge paper formats and put in urban spaces. His project “28millimeters” deals with portraiting people, and putting them in places where they don’t belong. This confrontation creates situations, sometimes violent, sometimes humoroustic, tellin a lot about how people react to difference and exclusion.


3. Playing with the medium (photo/video) creates another perspective on the thematic.

Video Art Collective Pied La Biche (Paris) worked through several experiment on football. How its rules, its world, the way its mediatised… tell us something about society.


InBflat is an experiment of the artist Darren Solomon about… playing music in B flat in front of a webcam.

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  1. Udi Rimon says:

    An amazing 5 piece project by Kutiman compiling music videos from youtube into one whole composition.