..to make films with people, not about people


Design Documentaries workshop at ENSCI Paris

Learning, experimenting, creating: Les Ateliers – Paris Design Institute has opted for ambitious, multidisciplinary, theoretical and practical courses in correlation with project studios run by professional designers. The teaching is based on the principle of individualised programmes for each student. In addition to regular teachers, the school calls on outside personalities for lectures or workshops. In this context, Bas Raijmakers will teach a one week workshop on design documentaries.

During the Design Documentaries Workshop (21 Feb – 1 Mar 2011), students will practise how to make design documentaries, and also explore the thinking behind them, which originates from Bas Raijmakers’ PhD at the Royal College of Art in London and has since evolved in many projects for industry and governments around the world.

For a designer, it is crucial to understand the people and situations that you are designing for very well. Designers need to do some research with people to create this understanding. Design documentaries are one way of doing this. They provide information about people and places, but also inspiration which is crucial in design. They tell stories in a visual way, using film language.


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