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Belonging & Belongings

How do people present themselves online and offline, and is there a connection between the two?

Belonging & Belongings is an international and interdisciplinary research programme, exploring the interrelationship between technology, society and sartorial appearances by investigating how people express their identities through their physical and virtual possessions.

What makes people feel they belong to a certain group of people, and how do their belongings (physical and virtual, garments and media) express this belonging?

Because there are many ways in which people do this, we want to look at differences. We focus on the UK and Japan, and look at London and Kyoto in particular.

The research programme initiated by dr Daijiro Mizuno (Critical Design Lab at Kyoto University of Art and Design) and dr Geke van Dijk and dr Bas Raijmakers (STBY design research London/Amsterdam).

We hope you enjoy reading about the ongoing evolution of this research project.

Belonging & Belongings

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