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How sticky research drives service design

In a project for Deutsche Telekom, we found very clearly that the design documentaries we made were ‘sticky’ because they stuck in the minds of the team for months. At many stages and iterations of the early concepting the marketeers, designers and business people involved referred to the films when they came up with ideas or had to validate ideas. The films were made in a special way: We asked our participants to film themselves, prompted by text messages we sent out during three days. This resulted in some evocative films because the responses to our text messages were sometimes very spontaneous, such as the woman who took out her false teeth when asked what she would not want her friends to see. That is an image that sticks with people..

At the international Service Design Network conference 2009 in Madeira, I presented these slides together with Andreas Sommerwerk of Telekom. The work we did together in Berlin, with the Creation Center of Telekom and Indri Tulusan of our Reach partner Spur. What is posted here is a short version of the presentation without the films (to protect our participants, and the confidentiality of parts of the material). The presentation was later also published as an article for Touchpoint, the magazine of the international Service Design Network. Both the short version of the slides (PDF 1,4Mb) and the article (PDF 606Kb) are available here.

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