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Video “personas” for Heartlands

For Heartlands, a large regeneration project around the first tin mine in the UK, in Pool, Cornwall, STBY did a range of research projects that fed into workshops. All aimed to involve local stakeholders, from individual citizens to Cornish organisations, in the design process set up by architects and landscape designers. Outcomes were several types of personas, archetypes of future users of Heartlands,scenarios for future use, and responses to designs of the architects.

One of the 11 activities we organised so far focused on artists and performers, for whom studios in several forms will be built at Heartlands. I visited artists in their studios near Pool, and talked with them about mundane things as the floors they have and prefer (two quite different things often!), but also how they feel about visitors peeking or even walking in their spaces. This last issue is pertinent to Heartlands as it is a public space where many people will be drawn too, also for just a day out.

Three types of space had already been determined in the architectural plan, but there were still many ways these could be filled in. To inform and inspire the detailed design, I made three personas based on interviews with five artists. These personas are not representing people however, but the three types of space that will be built.

Each of the buildings ‘talks’ from its own perspective about how it can accommodate what the artists want to do best. These are personal stories told by buildings, using the video footage I took at artist spaces, with very few lines of text in between (as a written voice over almost).

You can see the results at http://bas.blogs.com/artatheartlands/.

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