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Three short compilation films by Jessica Charlesworth, Michael Burton and  Tom Wynne-Morgan, for Brendan Walker’s “Fairground: Thrill Laboratory” at the Science Museum, London, October 2006. I coached all three filmmakers.

Jessica Charlesworth explored “Excitement”

The project presented three events in the Science Museum where fairground experiences were explored in different ways, and one was through our films. The Thrill films were not explicitly created for a design process, but they easily could have served a design process for a fairground, or even something else related to one of the three experiences. For the designers, making their film was like doing research; a way to explore and understand experiences, and then communicate that understanding to others.

Michael Burton explored “Pleasure”

These films are different from most other experiments I did because they are made completely out of archive footage and offered an opportunity to work with compilation techniques like zapping, scratching and repetition  and examples of how movements in different shots can flow together. This is visible in the results: the editing of the films is clearly guided by the rhythm in the movements of the fairground rides, the people in the shots, and the camera. This takes the films beyond an exposé about fairground experiences towards an exploration of these experiences.

Tom Wynne-Morgan explored “Frisson”

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