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A design documentary about swimming lanes in a pool and smart textiles.

The film expresses the experience of swimming as being in a bubble with your own thoughts. Here, these thoughts are about swimming and smart textiles. They are fragments of a conversations one of the swimmers (STBY researcher Geke van Dijk) with an engineer and a weaver, and with another swimmer.

The design documentary was produced in 5 parts each with a different theme. They were used in a creative brainstorm session about new concepts for smart textiles in relation to swimming lanes. The total length of the design documentary is 6 plus 4×3 minutes. The length of the clip shown in this blog is 2 minutes.

This project was commissioned by DesignPlus in 2006. The film was made by Bas Raijmakers (direction, pool camera, editing) in collaboration with Stan Swallow and Asha Thompson (Intelligent Textiles), Geke van Dijk (conversations and production, STBY), Christopher Nicholson (sound) and Francisco Varvaro (camera). Warren Valentine (fashion designer at Gul) participated in the brainstorm, with Stan Swallow, Asha Thompson and Geke van Dijk.

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