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A design documentary about wandering through a city and smart textiles.

An exploration of how smart textiles can help people to navigate in a city if they are wandering around instead of going from A to B. An engineer and an artist who work with smart textiles walk around the Barbican in London with the researcher, meeting people and finding stories.

The engineer and artist also tell stories about their own work and engage in conversation with the researcher about smart textiles and possible interventions or applications that could be designed with this technology.

The film was used to inspire a brainstorm workshop with industrial design company Therefore who for instance develop navigation systems. The total length of Drift is 18 minutes. The length of the clip shown here is 2 minutes.

The research was commissioned by Design Plus in 2006. The film was made by Bas Raijmakers (direction, additional camera, editing) in collaboration with Verity Parker (engineer) and Suzi Webster (artist), Geke van Dijk (STBY, production and sound), Francisco Varvaro (camera) and Christopher Nicholson (sound and camera). Jim Fullalove and Andy Clift (industrial designers at Therefore) participated in the workshop, with Suzi Webster, Verity Parker and Bas Raijmakers.

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