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Alena’s Strawberry Farm

A short film by Xiaoxiao Sun about the everyday lives of migrant fruit pickers at a strawberry farm in Kent.

We wanted to develop new design concepts for telecom services through exploring the everyday life of people who spend long periods away from home. One particular group we focused were seasonal migrant workers. We got in touch with a group of East European fruit pickers on a farm in Kent who live for up to six months on a caravan park at the farm.

Xiaoxiao mostly worked alone, but was supported before and during shooting by our project team. Her style is observational, but she also included interviews, sometimes done by me and Nadine Jarvis, designer in our team, when we joined Xiaoxiao for a day. Xiaoxiao intervenes in the film by adding music that comments on the situations she shows.

The film was commissioned by Goldsmiths College/Interaction Research and France Telecom/Orange in 2006. The total length of the design documentary is 14 minutes. The clip shown on this blog is 2 minutes.

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