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Media Mediators vlog

A video weblog about the Media Mediators project by Tobie Kerridge and Andy Law.

One of the goals of the project was to explore different ways of co-creation with users inspired by the Open Source movement. I helped the team to make video diaries of the project to support this approach.

The 2-3 minute diary entries on video were all immediately posted on the internet at mediamediators.blogspot.com in a video-blog (vlog), to facilitate communication between designers and participants who would later adopt the objects for a few weeks. The participants shot video diaries of their experiences, which I edited and added to the vlog.

This collection of short films did not serve as an initial assessment of a situation for or by the design team to inform and inspire their project, like the films described above do. Instead they capture the making of the Media Mediators, and present this to the first users of the objects as a source of inspiration for their creative use of these objects and further development of what they do.

The roles are reversed here: the designers provide the inspiration to the participants through the films to hack into the objects. As such, the diaries of the participants are an example of using discovery research at a late stage in the design process.

Video weblog (vlog) of the creation, adoptions and appropriations of abstract moving objects connected to processes on personal computers in the home. With Tobie Kerridge and Andy Law, who created the objects

In total theĀ vlog contained 22 video entries. The clip shown in this blog is 1.5 minutes.

The Media Mediators project was commissioned by Philips Design to Tobie Kerridge and Andy Law at Helen Hamlyn Research Centre at the Royal Collage of Art in 2005. Tobie and Andy were at the time part of the Interaction Research Studio at the RCA where I did my research too.

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