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A design documentary about everyday life as a heart patient. Part of a series of three films about heart patients, with Debra and Fred.

A heart patient in London embodies the persona Kent (an archetypal heart patient developed by Philips Medical Systems based on 9 interviews with heart patients in San Diego) by presenting parts of his own everyday life as illustrations of key issues in the life of Kent. I juxtapose these with voice overs written by myself, based on the persona description.

Design documentaries Debra, Kent and Fred were used by a multidisciplinary design team at Philips medical Systems in Seattle. The film stimulated the team to add their own stories about friends and family with heart problems and continue the exchange of perspectives that started in the film. I published about the three films and how they were used in a paper for DIS2006.

The total length of the design documentary is 11 minutes. The clip shown here is 2 minutes.

This project was commissioned by Philips Medical Systems North America in 2004. Scripted, directed, filmed and edited by Bas Raijmakers in collaboration with David Jones, a heart patient who lived in London.

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