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UX Hong Kong workshop results

The participants made short films in groups, in about 1.5 hrs from developing an idea to presenting it. Each film consists of only 3 shots, based on a simple script that focused on an experience during UXHK2012 that was meaningful to at least one person in the group. Some of the films can be seen on Vimeo now. When the films were presented by the groups, each group also …

UX Hong Kong workshop slides

During the workshop Bas presented a short history of documentary film, and an introduction to Golden Rules for design documentaries. Both are linked here as a PDF file, without the films that were in the original presentation.

Workshop at UX Hong Kong

After a brief introduction to design research methods on day 1 of UX Hong Kong, today we have a workshop on design documentaries. The goal is to make some films about experiences people have at the UXHK conference. While doing so we are creating some Golden Rules for using film as a tool to do design research. Examples we brought into the workshop are “Connect insights to emotions”, “Choose …

Blogs of the student groups at ENSCI Les Ateliers

Each of the groups in the design documentaries workshop is keeping a blog to document the design research they are doing, in particular materials they have found and discussions about approach and findings. The films they shoot are not on there if there is a confidentiality issue with the participants. This depends on what has been agreed with participants.

Marie, Kristian, Elisa and Yaeka: http://parisfrompeople.blogspot.com/

Darren, Hugo, Sanam and Barbara: …

Day 1. Inspiration from a 100 years of documentary film

We introduced three ideas in documentary thinking that are particular useful to design researchers. The idea that “Film is like reality” is important because it allows Design Documentaries to portray the people 
and situations you are designing for. “Film is like a language” makes us realise that we can use our design skills to tell stories and that we can use visual language to express the stories, and our views …

Day 1. Creative exploration in diverse disciplines.

1. Co-discovery can reveal a collective imagination.
2. Set up a “protocole of research”… something done in a systematic way to create sense or intuition.
3. Playing with the medium (photo/video) creates another perspective on the thematic.

Design Documentaries workshop at ENSCI Paris

Learning, experimenting, creating: Les Ateliers – Paris Design Institute has opted for ambitious, multidisciplinary, theoretical and practical courses in correlation with project studios run by professional designers. The teaching is based on the principle of individualised programmes for each student. In addition to regular teachers, the school calls on outside personalities for lectures or workshops. In this context, Bas Raijmakers will teach a one week workshop on design documentaries.

During the …

Belonging & Belongings

How do people present themselves online and offline, and is there a connection between the two?

Belonging & Belongings is an international and interdisciplinary research programme, exploring the interrelationship between technology, society and sartorial appearances by investigating how people express their identities through their physical and virtual possessions.

How sticky research drives service design

In a project for Deutsche Telekom, we found very clearly that the design documentaries we made were ‘sticky’ because they stuck in the minds of the team for months. At many stages and iterations of the early concepting the marketeers, designers and business people involved referred to the films when they came up with ideas or had to validate ideas. The …

Video “personas” for Heartlands