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Subculture: The Meaning of Style (Dick Hebdige)

How is street fashion shaped by the mobs? Analysing extreme subcultural forms of fashion, paying a close look at music-related styles such as mods, punks and rockers, this book examines how bricolage fashion can be constructed and disseminated to the public.

Main thesis:

This book is an attempt to subject the various youth-protest movements of Britain in the last 15 years to the sort of Marxist, Structuralist, Semiotic analytical techniques propagated by, above all, Roland Barthes. The book is recommended whole-heartedly to anyone who would like fresh ideas about some of the most stimulating music of the rock era” (Excerpt from Amazon)

This book is an intriguing semiotic analysis of the sartorial appearance of the British youth (namely punk). This book is now a bit old but still valid, considered as one of the important works in the fashion studies. Conceived as an rigorous academic work, this book does not contain much visuals. Additionally this book does not seem to have much interview quotes incorporated with the main text.

Theoretical framework:
Structural and Semiotic analysis of the subculture (namely street fashion) in relation to the postmodern notion of bricolage. Fashion as cultural studies. Compared to that of Roland Barthes, Hebdige’s work is easier to employ since it deals with the physical sartorial expressions disseminated the youth (Barthes’ prominent work, The Fashion System, analysed “written” clothing in the magazine, not the actual clothing after all.)


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Relevance to B&B project is good in examining the way youth constructs his / her sartorial style in an ad-hoc manner.

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